`Ohana Conferencing

`Ohana Conferencing is a collaborative effort that brings together families, extended and hanai family, CWS, service providers, and the support system of children who are involved with CWS. Families know their own strengths, issues, and resources and this process provides families a voice.

In an ‘Ohana Conference, families work with CWS and use what they know to make the best decisions for the safety of their children and create a plan for strengthening the family. The ‘Ohana Conference is voluntary and is a positive, solution-oriented process. The ‘Ohana Conference is grounded in the core goals and values of child safety, preserving family relationships, and timely permanent placement of children.  EPIC `Ohana is the only organization in the State of Hawai‘i providing family engagement services through ‘Ohana Conferencing.

Celebrating Family Voices: