`Ohana Connections

Inspired by Kevin Campbell’s Family Finding work on the mainland, EPIC’s `Ohana Connections program officially began in Hawaii in 2007. The core beliefs of the program are: all children entering foster care have the right to know and connect with their family, a right to learn about their family history, a right to maintain their family relationships, and a right to belong to a family, community, and place. Like all children, they deserve to feel stable, secure, and loved.

The ‘Ohana Connections Program, working in conjunction with the ‘Ohana Finding Program, finds and engages the foster youth’s family members and other kinship family, and then helps nurture and support those renewed family connections. The time it takes for `Ohana Connections to be completed varies in length for each family, but all efforts work toward the goal of the program: to help families reweave their family cloth so every foster child has relationships that can last for a lifetime.

Kalani's Story: